Insanity Workout Review: Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs Day 22

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Insanity Reviews Pure Cardio & Cardio AbsInsanity Workout Review:  Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Insanity Workout DVD #5

Insanity Calendar: Day  22

Insanity Workout Overview

This is the beginning of week four. Day 22 of the insanity workout program is sure cardio and cardio abs. This is the fourth go around with this workout.

I have never been a huge fan of doing cardio workouts. Ironically that is the reason I began doing Insanity in the first place.

Doing cardio workouts is a necessity for developing a lean and muscular body. With the insanity Max interval training I now possess a lot of the best cardio workouts over created. All I need to do is use them.

Pure cardio is a non-repeat workout, meaning you all and do each exercise one time and then you move on to the next one. This seems to make the workout flow better and and fester.

From there we go on to cardio abs. After pure cardio it is nice to be able to sit down. The last thing about cardio abs is that there are no crunches.

Shaun_T_CoachingThe Insanity Warm Up

The warm up exercises are the standard set, consisting of Jog, Jumping Jacks, Hesimans (leaping from side to side), 123 Heismans (in which you throw in some stutter steps between each high knee), Butt Kicks, High Knees (simply jogging in place and bringing your knees as high as you can) and Mummy Kicks.

The Insanity Workout

Pure Cardio: Suicide Drills, Switch kicks, Wide football sprints, Stance Jacks, Pedal, Hooks and Jump rope, Power jacks, Level 2 drills, Frog Jumps, Power Knees, Mountain Climbers, Ski Down, Scissor Runs, Suicide Jumps, Push up jacks (push ups with wide feet).

Cardio Abs: C-Sit Position: throughout this entire exercise your not going to to any sit ups or crunches. Get down and the ground, back straight, knees bent hands under the knees, lean back so that your arms are straight and lift your hips so that you’re in a C-position from the shoulders to the hips.
Twists, Twist W/ Knee, A-Frame Ab Twists, A-Frame W/ Knee, Hold Center, Single Leg Raises,
Both Legs, High Plank Position, Alt Knees, Alt Knees Fast, Low Plank Position, Child’s Pose, Pulse Tucks High/Low.

Insanity Reviews

INSANITY Workout Day 22 – Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs WEEK 4! Back to showing clips of my actual workout including the not yet seen Cardio Abs! Okay, terrible outfit, but you guys can see the stomach I’m talking about that i must hide under my outfits and why I can’t just



Insanity Day 22~ Pure Cardio/Cardio Abs Awesome wkout. I feel like the wkout is starting to get a lil easier. Be a Fan at: Visit my Beachbody Site at:

Insanity Day 22: Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs | GF2 revolution I was ready to get into Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs. Our video shows us pushing each other through check it out! I had worked today so when I got home I knew we need to get going quick so John


August 13, 2011| Zuri07 | from Canada

Uses accompanying nutrition program: No

I absolutely loved these DVDs. They totally kicked my butt… in a good way. I was in pretty good shape before doing these DVDs but they totally helped me take my fitness to the next level. Not only do I feel better, but they helped me improve my running as well. Now when I do a 10km run it feels like a piece of cake. I did not follow the nutrition plan ONLY because I already eat the way recommended (5-6 small meals a day of clean food). I will say, a six-pack is made in the kitchen – if you don’t eat right, your body will not get the results you want. However, if you eat right and follow the program, be prepared to look and feel fabulous!

Additional Programs: Chalean Extreme, P90X

Pros: Very effective

Cons: be careful not to overtrain with these

Insanity Cool Down and Stretch

Series of lunges, hip openers, back stretches, hamstring stretches,  breathing exercises and quad stretch.


Pure cardio once again kicked my butt. As I mentioned earlier I don’t like doing cardio workouts. So I especially dislike pure cardio. However on day 22 it is getting easier. The key is for me to keep digging deeper.

Cardio abs is my favorite. After the brutal intensity of pure cardio it is nice to get on the floor and do simple strength training.

For more day-by-day peer reviews of the 60 day Insanity Workout visit our Insanity Reviews page or check out our Insanity Workout DVD reviews for individual workout details.

60 Day Workout

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