Insanity Reviews: Cardio Recovery Day 25

Cardio RecoveryInsanity Reviews:  Cardio Recovery

Insanity Workout DVD #4

Insanity Calendar: Day  25

Insanity Workout Overview

Day 25 – Insanity Reviews Cardio Recovery  is the easiest workout in month one of insanity. Cardio recovery involves a lot of deep muscle work. There are lots of squats, lunges and core work.

This is very low intensity for a reason: after all the other high intensity, high impact workouts your body needs a break. Take it, enjoy it and ready for tomorrow.

The Insanity Warm Up

Cardio Recovery?? Its a little bit inaccurate because your “recovery” work out requires some effort. Rather than jumping and running, however, the exercise routine starts off with yoga-inspired stretches that will get your heart-rate up in a methodical fashion as opposed to standard Insanity warm-up.

The Insanity Workout

Insanity Reviews:  Cardio Recovery


A gentle diet of plank work, squats and lunges follows the warm-up. Shaun T. then brings tv audiences right into a deep plie yoga stretch that is assured to work your thighs. Some more balancing poses, deep stretches, and routines that really work the quadriceps, obliques, hip and hamstrings complete the workout.

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Insanity Reviews

INSANITY Workout Day 25 – Cardio Recovery Week 4 – Good ol’ Cardio Recovery. Burn is still ever present on the squats and lunges, but I know I can do it.. lets seemed to want to lock up after one, so I relaxed my legs a bit and was back to it. Fitness Blog/Before Afters:


Insanity Day 25~ Cardio Recovery It was so beautiful I had to go for a run, felt amazing. Burned 503 calories from my 5 mile run and 145 calories from cardio recovery. Be a Fan at: Visit my Beachbody Site at:



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