Insanity Workout – The 60 Day Workout

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Is Insanity Workout The 60 Day Workout  A “Must Have” Resource

Or Simply Another Rehashed,  “Guru” product Created To Fatten The Pockets Of Shaun T?

From The Desk Of: Dave P
Location: Lisle, United States
Product: Shaun T’s Insanity 60 Day Workout
Release Date: July 8, 2009
Product Type: 60 Day Workout DVD

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61P6bBFD0aL._SS400_ Hey there, Thank you for taking out time to read through the most honest Insanity 60 Day Workout review online that is non-biased and holds nothing back. It’s obvious that it can get confusing when you come across a number of sites that are possibly trying to offer you the real picture of this  total body conditioning program . So let me save you the headache and give you what you need.

It’s easy for me when I stand behind a product and if there’s a product I know delivers, it just means I have a belief in it to the core. I wouldn’t want you to go around wasting your hard earned money, which is the reason why this review about the Insanity 60 Day Workout is straight and not hyped up. I am here to offer you what drives and makes Insanity 60 Day Workout work, what methods will be of asset to any one, and what exactly is different about it.

What is Insanity 60 Day Workout?

INSANITY Workout is a 60-day cardio-based total-body conditioning program that’s perhaps the most intense workout ever put on DVD. Fitness expert Shaun T drew on his collegiate track and field training plus his subsequent years of experience as an elite trainer to create a program that takes total-body conditioning to an extreme level.


Just as P90X is the height of resistance training, so INSANITY is the pinnacle of cardio training.

Who Is Shaun T?

An expert in the fitness world, Shaun T holds an undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine with a minor in theater and dance. His real-world experiences and education combine to form a fun, hip, and effective workout every time. Shaun takes his strengths to the next level with Shaun T Insanity Workout.



Get Insanity WorkoutToday!



Interval training allows you to beat the “stress adaptation response,” which is what happens when your body gets used to exercising at one level of exertion and stops improving. An interval workout includes a set where you perform at your maximum, followed by one of lower intensity, with the cycle repeated to achieve a cumulative effect.

INSANITY uses MAX Interval Training which replaces your moderate intensity exercise with maximum-intensity exercise, and your short intervals of intensity with short periods of rest. Adding high-intensity exercise, during which your heart rate is raised to 80 percent or more of its maximum  capacity, forces your body to use fast-twitch muscle fibers not normally engaged in cardio exercise. These fast-twitch fibers continue burning extra fuel even during lower-intensity exercise.

INSANITY’s high-intensity activity is likely to have you working out at over 85% of your maximum, instead of the lower rate recommended in other programs. As a result, you’ll experience faster increases in fitness and more efficient burning of carbohydrates and fat—as much as 1,000 calories per hour.

Unlike Shaun T’s earlier best-selling programs, Hip Hop Abs® and Rockin’ Body®, INSANITY is not dance-based. Instead, it turns to sports science and high-level conditioning techniques to create fast body composition changes.

Other extreme programs, such as ChaLEAN Extreme® and P90X®, focus on building muscle and burning fat through weight training. They utilize weights to help ignite your metabolism.

INSANITY uses only the power and resistance of your own body to amp up your cardio, lower your body fat percentage, and sculpt your muscles. You won’t need any gear other than water, a towel, and your own strength of purpose.

This innovative program comes with 10 DVDs, with 10 workouts, including:

INSANITY WORKOUT Product Details 1. Dig Deeper & Fit Test
To start, Shaun will put your body to the test and see what you’re made of.

2. Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Burn fat with intervals of intense lower-body plyo and sweat-inducing cardio.

3. Cardio Power & Resistance
Build lean muscle and upper-body definition with strength-training and power moves.

4. Cardio Recovery/Max Recovery
Shaun goes easier on you once a week so you’re ready for the next round.

5. Pure Cardio/Cardio Abs
Skip the intervals—this nonstop cardio workout is all extreme.

6. Cardio Abs
Do explosive intervals of cardio and core moves for rock-hard abs.

7. Core Cardio & Balance
Take a break after month 1 and gear up for month 2 with this workout.

8. Max Interval Circuit
The interval circuit that’s more intense than anything you’ve ever done before.

9. Max Interval Plyo
Push your legs ’til they beg for mercy with power and plyo, all at your MAX.

10. Max Cardio Conditioning/Cardio Abs
Get pushed to your limit with this extreme cardio workout.

Plus it includes:

  • The Insanity Fitness guide.
  • Elite Nutrition guide.
  • Wall calendar.
  • Fit Test Tracker – tracks your results as you watch your body transform before your eyes.


Who is it for? Why INSANITY WORKOUT
Men and women in
top physical shape
Even people who regularly run marathons can
find their performance improved by INSANITY’S
demanding cardio, strength, and resistance
Extreme athletes INSANITY’S combination of intense cardio, strength
training, and plyometrics will keep them in peak
condition year-round, ready for rock climbing,
snowboarding, or any rugged adventure.
Graduates of
other Beachbody
They’ve already learned to exercise regularly and
enjoy the results. Now they’re ready to commit to
a tougher program and unleash their inner athlete.
Cardio lovers like
runners, spinners,
or cyclists
If they thrive on the endorphin rush of intense
cardio, they’ll be challenged and exhilarated by
MAX Interval Training. INSANITY’S mix of aerobic
and anaerobic exercise will increase both their
endurance and their ability to pour on crucial
bursts of speed.
Former high school/
college athletes
Athletic drills even more intense than the ones they
remember from their training days can get them
back into youthful, competitive shape—fast.
not for
Beginners, pregnant women, obese people, people
who aren’t willing to work hard, people who don’t
consistently do high-impact exercise.


The 60 day workout Insanity is one extreme program. The intensity levels are going to be cough to beat in any future work out programs. With the max interval training, the nonstop cardio, and the advanced plyometrics your heart rate will soar through the roof.

As with all a Beacbody programs the key is to keep the pace with the trainer. If you can do that with Shaun T you definitely will be in great shape. This product was released on July 8, 2009. Since it’s release, INSANITY has become a cultural phenomena with clubs, colleges/high schools and even churches participating and doing this great workout.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out the INSANITY Workout Reviews – Real People getting REAL RESULTS,

I would suggest that you  Get Insanity Today! It is a winner!

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29 Responses to Insanity Workout – The 60 Day Workout

  1. simone copeland says:

    I am just about purchasining insanity but i was a bit thrown off when i saw that the dvd was only for athletes i am not sure if iam classed as i beginer i have started a weight loss programme and i have been doing moderate excerise including dvd workouts and gym sessions for the past 3 months but i am definatly not a athlete do you still recomend this dvd for someone like me

    • Jamekka Golden says:

      I can tell you that do not listen to people if they tell you this dvd is only for athletes. I am the farthest thing from athletic and my parents purchased this dvd and I got through the first couple of dvds (only stopped due to other situations). Anyone can do these workouts.

  2. Brooke chinen says:

    Hey shaun!
    Im a 7th grader and i really love insanity. Our teacher loves it so much that we do this everyday instead of regular outside P.E. and everyone just loves it. Its so much fun and tanya is one of trainers i look up to, everytime we have to do power jumps or something i have a hard time on i push myself to try and match her. I know im saying a lot. I just wanted to let you know how much i enjoy doing this and love the results cause it also helps me in volleyball. So thanks for reading this. And thanks for insanity !(:

  3. Rocio Martinez says:

    Do you have a program for maintenance after the 60 days?
    Thank you for your reply.

    • Taylor B says:

      @Ricio Martinez. Insanity has a number of workouts throughout the 60 days. I do not know if there is anything you can order for after you are finished with the dvds, but you can always do what i do. I have some favorites out of the workouts on the dvd, and i still do them everyday even though i am not following along a dvd.

    • Caro says:

      You can try “Insanity: The Asylum”

  4. Paul Hagerty says:

    Is there a Baseball specific program available. Something that focuses on the core and stretching. Needs to follow up with power/strength for hitting

  5. ant says:

    What happens after the 60 days?

    • mike says:

      You can take a break, but if you want to change your workout then you can. If not, continue on with the insanity program and continue to push yourself to the insanity workout.

  6. All exercises are different. You might like swimming, so swim. If you like hiking then hike. You might like the treadmill, so use the treadmill. Do whatever works for you- that isn’t too much of a undertaking for you to do on a regular basis throughout the week. Don’t pick a workout that you don’t enjoy – or you won’t want to do it, and you definitely won’t keep with it for long. I also wouldn’t encourage buying into that whole “no pain, no gain” concept. Individuals lose weight without hurting themselves all the time

  7. dan says:

    hey if you could email me a response that would be great. ok so i played soccer competitively for most of my life. im 20 now i played a year of college soccer but quit after my first season in college to focus on my grades and i basically took the year off. havent really worked out hard in almost a year now. would this be too hard for me to get back into shape?

  8. paulo says:

    gostaria de comprar os 10 dvds insanity traduzidos em portugues se tiver

  9. joe conant says:

    Today was my 1st workout I loved it. Lost 3lbs that’s crazy your workout is the bomb.

  10. Kenny says:

    I just purchased Insanity and had to stop after two days because my legs burned so bad that I couldn’t take the pain. After about three days of muscles being sore, I decided to start from scratch, and I’ve yet to experience any aches in the legs after the workouts, but believe me, during the workouts, your legs are going to ache like they have never ached before. I used to be athletic in high school, and now I’m 24, and slightly overweight. This program is well worth the pain you’ll endure and I’ve seen minor improvements in my core area already. Trust me when I say this, you will be drenched in sweat after each workout, even the light ones.

  11. Kenny says:

    Plus Shaun T is a monster. He just does these exercises like they’re a walk in the park while I’m trying to gasp for air. It’s well worth the money, and besides, what woman wouldn’t want their man to be cut and in shape??

  12. charmaine says:

    what do i do after i finish the 60 days?

    • charmaine says:

      what do i do after i finish the 60 days?, do i start to day 1 or continue with the max intervals

      • admin says:

        nsanity is done 6 days a week after completing 60 days many people do a 2nd round. In round 2 you amp up intensity to improve results.

  13. Allee says:

    I am on day 24 of insanity and I am starting to really see results. I have always been pretty athletic, cheering in high school and leading a pretty active lifestyle. However, I was definitely not prepared for the intensity this workout brings. The first week was the hardest because I could barely get through the workout and I felt like I wasn’t really getting results. But now, all of a sudden, I see abs and I feel stronger. I haven’t weighed myself so I don’t know if I have lost weight but I do know that I am seeing muscle definition. I haven’t been following the diet because I really don’t want to lose weight, just tone so I’m sure if people added the diet they would lose even more weight. The big selling point for me was that Sean T does not annoy me. I have issues with workout videos because most people get on my nerves. The p90x dude is so obnoxious and so is Jillian Michaels. Sean T is real and does the workout with you and you can tell that its even hard for him so that makes me feel better.

  14. Jaime says:

    hey shaun t i just want to know why this workout isnt for overweight people. i’m not fat but im over weight. id like to know if i did do this workout as a “begginer-ish” what would happen?

    • Jamekka Golden says:

      I am a “beginner” & a little overweight. At first the workouts was hard but you really have to motivate yourself to push pass the pain. Many people say its only for people who workout a lot or for athletic people but I am neither and I am almost through with the 60 day challenge. I must admit I did quit at first, because it took me out of my comfort zone but now that I am motivated to losing and maintaining a healthy weight the workouts are a breeze for me.

  15. Mike M. says:

    I became really interested in Insanity and want to buy it. But, I am a teenager. It seems as if everyone buying Insanity are adults. Would it still give me results or should I wait until im older?

    • Sarah says:

      I’m 18 years old and I started Insanity 3 days ago, although all I’ve ever really done is use and elliptical and slight muscle training (I also was on the swim team in high school which was more difficult than I know you’re thinkng). Finally, I got sick of wasting my time on all of that with minor results, and I was ready to get in real shape. My body has been in severe pain since the first day, but I won’t stop because I can already feel the pain is starting to go away because my muscles are getting used to it. For every DVD so far I’ve been pretty pathetic and having to stop frequently to catch my breath, but I really get in there and try as hard as I can, it’s great knowing you can go at your own pace. I haven’t seen any significant results quite yet, but I can tell my waist has been tightening and I can feel myself already getting stronger. I say if you really want to do it, try it. I am a super lazy person and I’m thinner, but I needed to tone up the body if you know what I mean, and I found it in myself to not give up on this absolutely insane workout yet, so I have high hopes that I’ll get real results in a few weeks.

  16. Beverly Lee says:

    I was thinking about starting this workout but I play field hockey for my college club and I start this fall- do I have to stick to 6 days a week? I’d like to follow this program as closely as possible because it seems to help everyone else’s cardio go through the roof, I know it will help me out a bunch on the field, but I need to rest before game days and I can’t work out after a game. Sometimes we have 2 game days in a week. Not being a baby but I want this workout to help me, not bring me down on the field!

  17. Justin Sane says:

    Dude this workout is killer!!! My first couple of days I could barely do the warm ups…let alone the entire workouts…but I kept at it and now im actually toning up and can do the entire workout :)

  18. Jolynn says:

    I am going to be 50 in about 5 mos. I am overweight but I try to stay active. Last week I started the insane workout. I lost 4lbs and an inch everywhere after just one week. This exercise kicks my a$$ but it works. 30 years ago I was in the Marine Corps and in the best shape of my life. I am hoping this work out puts me back into my Marine Corps shape.

  19. Philip says:

    What’s up?

    This is some intense workout, I’m in my last two weeks of insanity…pushing through and digging deeper. Love all the workouts and feeling mighty fine after I finish them. Feels like a great accomplishment after you complete a workout of this caliber. For those Of you who are just starting, Don’t give up, no matter how much it hurts! I tried for one week the first time and told myself I had to stop because I had no time. But the second time around, I stuck with it and here I am almost done. Thank you Shaun for creating such an intense workout program that benefits most if not all people. I hope to start p90x and eventually do a hybrid. Looking forward to it!

  20. TONI says:


  21. Michael M says:

    after hearing all these comments i have to buy this workout program iam only 16 but i have the army coming up and i need to be the best i can be.

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